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Welcome to Ready Solar

We are experts in solar design, supply, and installation of Solar PV (Photovoltaics) based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We help Residential, and Commercial customers make the leap into a sustainable energy future.

Our highly trained team is here to work with you to assess the most efficient and cost-effective solar photovoltaic system for your home and lifestyle.

Ready Solar believes that renewable energy is the planet’s future and we want to help you start producing clean energy for your home and save money in the process.

Make the world a better place

Your Decision Matters.
Your system makes a beneficial impact on the environment.
Feel good about saving money, and saving the planet!

Why choose ReadySolar

We deliver high quality services through highly skilled technical consultants, providing the type of flexibility that ensures projects run smoothly.
Experienced Professionals
Cost Rationality
Targeted Solutions
3D Design
Meeting Deadlines
Excellent Project Management

Why Solar

As the cost of renewable energy continues to fall, more and more households are switching to clean, renewable electricity sources.

Reduces Energy Bills

A family of three kids and two adults have more than enough electricity to power their home at net-zero energy consumption. The more energy consumed the cheaper your energy bill will be.

Lock in Energy Prices

With electricity prices continuing to increase, the upfront cost you pay for your solar system will provide you with free power for 25-30 years or longer (Based on Industry Standards)

Energy Independence

A home solar power system can give you security from power outages and  greater independence from the energy utility.

How it works

Feasibility Study

We look at your current energy consumption and investigate your location for things like roof design, how much sunlight you get, what kind of shading is around your location and give you a report on what can be achieved.


3D Modelling software is used to generate a graphic of what your property will look like with a solar system .

Site Assessment

If the feasibility study is positive and you want to move forward, we will do an on site investigation. We take into account, roof structure and age, location of electrical network in your location


Once the system design is confirmed, we present a detailed proposal that includes project design, product procurement, installation and estimated costs. 

Permitting and Grid Connection Application

Ready Solar takes care of all the permitting required (electrical, building and/or development permits) and the application to inter-connect the system to the grid

Installation & Commissioning

The Flush Mount system and flat roof Ballast system is installed by our highly trained and experienced installation crews

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